Zhang Zheqiang from Denmark wins EFA 2018

27.04.2018 05:50


Zhang Zheqiang from Denmark wins fashion design competition

With nine wonderfully inspiring collections and four prizes awarded, the evening was a huge success. The winner of the EURO FASHION AWARD 2018 at “Germany’s most beautiful department store” has been announced: designer Zhang Zheqiang with his collection entitled “Much to do about nothing”. The graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts was presented with a prize of 25,000 euros from the EURO FASHION AWARD’s Art Director, Andrej Baranow (52): “The jury is unanimous: this collection wonderfully combines all aspects needed to win the Euro Fashion Award 2018. It is an inspiring, fresh collection with beautiful dandy-esque and sophisticated silhouettes and outstanding craftsmanship and quality. This men’s couture is wearable and can be easily reproduced, making the likelihood of it being accepted by the market extremely high.

Zhang’s collection stands out with a harmoniously inspiring colour palette with visuals that break up the materiality and accentuate it with clear colours. Smaller and larger details provide a fresh perspective and reveal new facets of the mostly male outfits. The wearer is given enough room to feel comfortable.

The second prize (15,000 euros) of the EURO FASHION AWARD 2018 was presented to Florian Schulze for his collection “Put me back together again”. Judge Antje Martina Haessler, Senior PR Manager for fashion, accessories and interior, gave the laudatory speech. “This collection is reminiscent of the designs by the big names in the industry: fascinating and beautiful catwalk images manifest themselves right before our eyes. Fashion is all about trying things out and experimenting and this collection dabbles with both subtle and striking colour influences. The collection experiments with materials and surfaces, with haptic, structure and, last but not least, volume. Florian Schulze has impressed us with his excellent craftsmanship and sense of form. The result is a very feminine silhouette, even down to the headwear.

At the audience gala the evening before, the graduate of the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin was also presented with a prize of 3000 euros donated by furniture store Porta. And the third prize of 10,000 euros also went to a graduate of the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. Maria Miottke won over the jury with her collection “The Construction Place”.

Surprising is a good word for this collection! A surprising amount colour, surprisingly dynamic patterns, a surprising mix of materials – and a surprising amount of power!” said German-American photographer and author Michael Reh, who gave the laudatory speech. “And all carried out with perfect workmanship and a coherently told story that isn’t afraid of making social statements. Is it art or commerce? A question that inevitably arises when talking about this collection, which is a total artwork of urban couture for the catwalk. Maria Miottke convinced the jury with her inventiveness, heart and soul and stringent concept, but also her expertise in modifying the collection for the commercial market.

Danish designer Laerke Koldskov received a special mention by the jury for her collection entitled “The Supermarket Experiment – one more time with feeling”.
And the City of Görlitz also donated the special prize of a weekend for two with dinner and an exclusive city tour of ‘Görliwood’, as the city has come to be known, in reference to its success as a film location. Her particularly praiseworthy collection stands out with its feminine fashion architecture with skilfully formulated asymmetry and references to the Golden Twenties. The graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts expertly combines beautiful colours and patterns with captivating details that break up the architectural linearity and simplicity with soft shapes, resulting in an almost playful look.

The EURO FASHION AWARD is the only European fashion competition from Germany for aspiring masters graduates and young professional designers. As the European award with the highest prize money for creative, forward-looking collections, the award gives fashion designers the opportunity to pit their skills against each other. The competition presents an unmistakeable insight into craftsmanship and pattern design. “It’s about fashion. It’s about creativity and vision. And it’s about promoting young talent in a very special way,” according to Baranow.   

“Fashion is a short-term expression of the zeitgeist, a snapshot of a process. But it also encourages and demands determination and perseverance. And that’s exactly what the EURO FASHION AWARD stands for!”  

Fashion addresses and establishes identity as a cultural asset and economic factor. It is synonymous with a positive image transfer in creative exchange and is of considerable national and international interest. By hosting the EURO FASHION AWARD, the Kaufhaus Görlitz is showing the high standards it is striving towards. According to Project Manager Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Friedel: “International fashion presented in an extraordinary building is our USP. Just like our recently opened MODEHAUS AM POSTPLATZ in Görlitz, the EURO FASHION AWARD provides a taster of the future shopping experience and gets people excited about fashion.” 

Designed for the retail trade from the outset, the Kaufhaus Görlitz offers a stylish backdrop for the presentation of the EURO FASHION AWARD collections. Today, the department store is the only testament to Germany’s early department store architecture that has been preserved in its original form. Thanks to entrepreneur Prof. Winfried Stöcker’s commitment, the Kaufhaus Görlitz is being given the chance to re-establish its historic significance as a stylish fashion house and offer young designers a platform.