The Euro Fashion Award

15.07.2015 13:32


Who has an authentic collection idea, who can convince the jury and the audience with high quality tailoring, and which young designer has the most interesting cuts? These are some of the questions that an internationally renowned jury will discuss in Görlitz.

The Euro Fashion Award is a European fashion competition which takes places every spring in the city of Görlitz, for the first time on 23rd April 2016. Young international professional designers  who  have  successfully  concluded  training  will  have  the  opportunity  to  convince the jury and the audience with creative, trendsetting collections with their own signature.

Ten designers will be chosen for the final show” says Mr. Andrej Subarew, designer and art director of  the Euro Fashion  Award  and explains the concept of  the event: “The designers present   eight   to   ten   complete   collections   at   the   competition”.   The   evaluation   criteria encompass the most interesting idea for a collection, excellent tailoring and the combination of materials, as well as the sustainability of the collection. “But also the high quality of craft, the overall image, together with the accessories and the potential for commercialisation play an important role” says Andrej Subarew.

The  award  should  not  only  motivate  the  designers,  but  also  give  them  the  opportunity  to start  a  successful  career.  The  Görlitz  Department  Store  provides  prize  money  for  the  first three places and an audience prize, amounting to a total of 60,000 Euros.

We are thrilled to host the Euro Fashion  Award  in the European city of Görlitz/Zgorgelec. The city enchants with its unique architecture and the Görlitz Department Store is a stylish venue  to  host  this  event.  It  is  a  perfect  symbol  of  fashion  and  film”  says  Jürgen  Friedel, project  manager  of the department  store. “It  is also very interesting for us to continue the tradition  of  Saxony  as  a  key  region  of  the  textile  sector.  It  is  the  centre  of  the  European textile industry which covers the traditional areas of the textile and fashion industry in the German  regions  Brandenburg  and  Saxony,  in  Poland  and  the  Czech  Republic.  Therefore,
"Germany’s most beautiful department store” is just the perfect location.

An international jury will decide on the winner of the award. This jury includes  Margareta van   den   Bosch   (Creative   advisor   and   long-­‐time   chief   designer   at   H&M,   Stockholm), Alexander  Krenn  (chief  designer  at  Vivienne  Westwood,  London)  and  Ann-­‐Merete  Ohrt (Professor in fashion Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen),

The Jury

Margareta van den Bosch
Creative advisor and long-­‐time chief designer, H&M, Stockholm

Gudrun Allstädt
Head of department women’s outer garments (DOB) of the German journal on the textile industry, TextilWirtschaft,  Frankfurt/M

Ann-­Merete Ohrt
Fashion professor, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

Alexander Krenn
Chief designer, Vivienne Westwood, London

Elena Strahova
President, Baltic Fashion Federation, Riga

Martina Glomb
Fashion designer, University Hannover

Steen Halbro
Textile professor, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris

Irina Sowitzki
Fashion designer and member of staff, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee

Andrej Subarew
Fashion designer and art director of the Euro Fashion Award