The EURO FASHION AWARD is an international fashion competition for creative, trendsetting collections from Europe that rewards outstanding design achievements. With a focus on Europe’s cultural diversity, the aim is to draw attention to relevant fashion developments in this economic and cultural sector. The competition offers young creative professionals in Europe the opportunity to compete against each other and contribute their unique skills to the international fashion and textile industry. It will be held every two years at the Kaufhaus Görlitz in the European city of Zgorzelec (Görlitz) in the border triangle of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, with the next edition taking place on April 2020. Steeped in tradition, the art nouveau department store Kaufhaus Görlitz is the initiator and organiser of the EURO FASHION AWARD. It is continuing in Görlitz’s long tradition as a clothier, textile and fashion city in the free state of Saxony, the heart of the textile and fashion industry in central Germany.

Florian Schulze in the Modehaus am Postplatz

19.03.2019 11:58


There is a time between the Euro Fashion Awards  – and we are willing to make it fit! We like to provide a stage for fashion design, art and craftmanship, a unique space for design and designers to create and display fashion. The studio is opening in the "Modehaus am Postplatz"  just a few steps from the famous Kaufhaus Görlitz.