The EURO FASHION AWARD is an international fashion competition for creative, trendsetting collections from Europe. The idea is to support young fashion designers and reward outstanding creations. Fashion designers who have graduated with a master’s degree in fashion design or have several years of professional experience are invited to participate. In exceptional cases, the jury can permit participation on the grounds of outstanding artistic ability if the candidate has an interdisciplinary background or no professional experience.

The EURO FASHION AWARD aims to draw attention to relevant developments in the fashion industry, an economic and cultural sector with an important and long tradition.

As a cultural asset and key economic factor, fashion helps us form an identity. It is synonymous with creativity, inspiration and a positive attitude towards life, generating interest on both a national and international scale. The EURO FASHION AWARD aims to be a platform for upcoming, creative professionals in Europe, offering them the opportunity to compete against each other and contribute their unique skills to the international fashion and textile industry.

The EURO FASHION AWARD will be held every two years at the Kaufhaus Görlitz in the European city of Zgorzelec (Görlitz) in the border triangle of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. The next edition of the awards will take place on 20 and 21 April 2018.
Steeped in tradition, the art nouveau department store Kaufhaus Görlitz is the initiator and organiser of the EURO FASHION AWARD. It is continuing in Görlitz’s long tradition as a clothier, textile and fashion city in the free state of Saxony, the heart of the textile and fashion industry in central Germany.


On Friday 20 April 2018, the second EURO FASHION AWARD will be opened with the presentation of the audience prize worth 3,000 euros. All guests attending the opening show on Friday evening will receive a ballot paper to vote for the collection they liked the most. The ballot is secret and votes will be counted directly during the event with the winner being determined by simple majority vote. The award will be presented during the show.

And for the winners chosen by the international expert jury during the award show of the second EURO FASHION AWARD on Saturday 21 April 2018, there will be cash prizes amounting to a total of 60,000 euros.

The prizes are allocated as follows:

1st prize =  25,000 euros
2nd prize = 15,000 euros
3rd prize =  10,000 euros

The winning collection will be an exceptional collection for women, men or both, with a harmonious overall concept corresponding to one of the following categories: Dress to Wear, Avantgarde, Modern Couture, Trash, Vintage, Innovation or Sustainability. It should creatively explore aspects of modern society and current developments and make clear statements in this context. Members of the jury will be assessing the nuanced composition of a collection with a unique, distinctive signature.

Evaluation is primarily based on an authentic idea for a collection and its realisation, interesting tailoring, a sensitive selection and combination of materials, the incorporation of material innovations, consistency in the choice of sustainable approaches, excellent workmanship, its potential for commercial use and a successful overall look combined with accessories.

A minimum of eight and a maximum of ten complete outfits should be presented.

Every nominated collection shown in the competition will also receive a nomination prize of 1000 euros to reward the unique quality of their design that resulted in them being nominated, as well as to acknowledge their achievements in the competition.

Jury and evaluation criteria

A new jury will be formed for the 2018 edition of the EURO FASHION AWARD and will be made up of at least three representatives from the international fashion and textile industry, who will be invited by the Kaufhaus Görlitz. Members of the jury nominate the eight to ten best collections from all correctly submitted applications. Out of these, the three with the most potential will be selected to win the prizes.
The jury meeting will take place in December 2017 in Berlin and the nominees for the final award show in April 2018 at the Kaufhaus Görlitz will be announced in mid-January. Participants will be notified in person.

The following criteria will be taken as an evaluation basis:

  • Authenticity and originality
  • Design concept and quality
  • Vision and fashion factor
  • Pattern construction
  • Creativity and craftsmanship
  • Potential for commercial production
  • Overall stylistic concept
  • A presentation that reflects the collection
The jury reserves their right to accentuate or add to these criteria according to current circumstances. To help them make their decision, jury members may involve independent experts. However, these may have only an advisory function. The jury members decide by a simple majority vote.

The decision on the winners of the three prizes of the EURO FASHION AWARD will be made after all nominated collections have been reviewed and the application documents checked. The winners will be announced at the final award show at the Kaufhaus Görlitz on Saturday 21 April 2018.

The winners are selected by the jury and there is no legal entitlement to participation or cash prizes, or noncash benefits. The jury’s decision is final. 

Antje Martina Haessler

As the child of German parents, Antje Martina Haessler grew up in Holland, where she has spent the majority of her life living and working. With an international focus from a young age, she worked for many years as an export manager at a global company. After moving to Germany, she took on a project manager position and also worked in international relationship management. International business and sales are Antje Martina Haessler’s true passion. "Dutch at heart", the fashion-savvy senior PR manager has meanwhile worked in the field of fashion, accessories and interior in Munich for almost ten years. "At the end of the day, everything that is created also has to sell if you want to achieve long-term success. This is an area that really appeals to me." she says.

Hieke Meydam

Until 2001, stylist Hieke Meydam studied fashion design at the Lette Verein in Berlin. During her training, she gained her first practical experience at privately owned German TV channel SAT1. She meanwhile works as a stylist for a number of channels with different focuses and formats. What Hieke finds most exciting about her everyday work is that it's always about discovering visions, developing collection ideas and finding perfection that doesn't go over the top in order to appeal to viewers or potential buyers. Many celebrities trust and value her skills. Hieke Meydam is now happy to be providing her 14 years of professional experience as a member of the jury.

Thomas Overesch

Thomas Overesch first became acquainted with fashion when he was very young and worked as a model for labels including Versace, Montana and Westwood, as well as for magazines like L'Oumo and Mondo Uomo. He studied fashion and industrial design in Hamburg and worked at Joop and Daniela Bechtholf, as well as at Stüssy in San Francisco, before opening his own fashion atelier in Hamburg. After spending a few years in Athens, he moved to Berlin in 2013, where he set up the label Thomas Overesch Berlin for sustainable, luxury textile interior accessories. At the beginning of 2018, he started investing his true passion into the label: by once again designing and producing high-quality fashion and launching a bridal collection with Thomas Overesch Berlin Haute Couture.

Michael Reh

After studying media and literature in Hamburg and Paris, Michael Reh moved to New York and established himself as a photographer. His focus lies on fashion and campaign photography, but he also publishes books as a photographer and author. He passes on his knowledge and skills at the NYU in New York and the Institute of Fashion in Miami, where he lives today. For five years he was a guest judge on Heidi Klum's "Germanys Next Top Model" and photographed the 2018 Lambertz Fine Art Calendar. As a member of the Euro Fashion Award jury, his well-trained eye when it comes to assessing fashion and collections will be a real asset.

Karsten von Kuczkowski

Born in the 1960s in the Ruhr region of Germany, Karsten von Kuczkowski has been exploring fashion and art from a very young age. He has also developed costume and décor concepts for various stages and theatre. After gaining experience abroad, he founded DvonK in 1989 and settled in Berlin in 1998. His wide range of projects mostly include work for noteworthy clients such as Galeries Lafayette in Berlin and Dubai, which requires him to come up with effective concepts. His passion is conveying fashion and design in interactive and accessible images that tell compelling stories.



Francis Ames

‘Is That All There Is’ || men collection

Lærke Koldskov

The Supermarket Experiment - One More Time With Feeling ||
women collection

Boris Kollar

my home my mirage || mixed collection

Attila Lajos

Paradise Lost || men collection

Maria Miottke

The Constructionplace || men collection

Evija Saitere

Error 404 || women collection

Florian Schulze

Put me back together again || women collection

Lena Voutta

SUPER FLITZER || women collection

Zheqiang ZHANG

Much to Do About Nothing || men collection

Terms and conditions for applicants

This competition is open to fashion designers living and working in the EU who hold a master’s degree from a renowned fashion or art school, or have gained several years of professional experience. The overall quality of the submissions should be defined by innovative, trendsetting and internationally relevant fashion design. Only current collections that are not simultaneously being shown in another competition will be put forward for evaluation. Winners of cash prizes from previous EURO FASHION AWARD competitions are not eligible to participate in the competition again. 

Applications must include the following:
  • Application form, completed in full
  • One A4 sheet exposé on the project
  • brief description of the collection development, including images
  • Detailed CV with portrait photo
  • Design concept with short explanations, drawings and photos
  • Presentation of materials and fabric suggestions
  • Digital versions of all submitted documents in sufficient image quality for PR purposes
  • Photos of former collections
  • Prepaid return envelope or return label (international) for return of the documents by post (the costs for returning the documents can unfortunately not be refunded in this case)
The application materials for the EURO FASHION AWARD must be complete and submitted/sent in prior to the deadline on 30 November 2017:

c/o Creative Media Group GmbH
Kurfürstendamm 28
D - 10719 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0) 30 / 88774382
Fax +49 (0) 30 / 88774384

Participation in the EURO FASHION AWARD is free of charge. By sending in the application documents, the applicant accepts the terms and conditions specified in the invitation to participate.

Applicants bear the transport costs for the application materials and their insurance. The organiser does not assume any liability for the received application materials. After the decision of the jury, the applications will be kept, if necessary, for consultation purposes until the end of the award show in April 2018 and only returned after this.

The participant ensures that they hold all rights to the submitted documents, drafts and the collection, and assumes liability vis-à-vis the award’s organisers that the contribution and the collection do not infringe the rights of third parties. If applicable, the participant will exclude the award’s organisers from any claims and possible costs which may result in third parties claiming for damages due to law infringements. 

Terms and conditions for nominated designers

After the jury’s decision, the nominated designers will be contacted in person.

The nominated designers will maintain silence by refraining from revealing news about their nomination to others until the official announcement by the organisers and should also obligate their employees to maintain the strictest confidentiality. The nomination for the EURO FASHION AWARD obliges the designers to have their collection garments completed by 17 April 2018.

Nominees are obliged to provide the organisers with one complete outfit from the award collection for press photo shoots, publications, etc., free of charge, from 1 March 2018. Nominees shall also prepare a one minute-intro film by 1 March 2018, introducing them as designers and showing them at work developing their collection concept. These films will be part of the award show.

Music, styling and shoe suggestions are to be submitted by 31 March 2018. These suggestions will not be included in the evaluation. There is no guarantee on the provision of shoes, nominees themselves are responsible for this. In the interest of the complete dramaturgy of the award show, the organisers are not obliged to accept the candidates’ suggestions. Decisions on these suggestions will be made by the Art Director of the EURO FASHION AWARD.

Award collections must be submitted in full by 17 April 2018 to:

Kaufhaus Görlitz
EURO FASHION AWARD Production Office
An der Frauenkirche 5-7
D - 02826 Görlitz
Tel. +49 (0) 3581 / 7640545

For every nominated designer, the organisers of the EURO FASHION AWARD shall bear the expenses for two persons to participate from 17 – 22 April 2018, including accomodation and half-board (drinks not included), as well as travel costs (including return), after prior confirmation by the organiser.

Award collections are to be collected from the Kaufhaus Görlitz on the day after the show, the 22 April 2018, unless otherwise agreed.

The organisers of the EURO FASHION AWARD will ensure a professional presentation of the nominated collections and designers during the award show, and, if necessary, in the jury’s meeting. No charges will be incurred for this.

Competition procedure

Overview of EURO FASHION AWARD timeline:

1 September 2017
Start of the competition’s application phase

30 November 2017
Closing date for applications and submission of application documents including an informative presentation of the collection concept with photos, drawings, portfolio  (no completed collection garments!) 

December 2017
Jury meeting and decision on the 8 to 10 nominations from all applications submitted

January 2018
Public announcement of the nominated collections

1 March 2018
Submission of a complete outfit by one nominee

1 March 2018
Submission of a one minute-intro film of the nominees 

31 March 2018
Submission of the music, styling and shoe suggestions for the award show

17 April 2018
Completion and submission of the collection in Görlitz 

20 April 2018
Evaluation and voting by the audience and presentation of the audience prize at the opening show of the second EURO FASHION AWARD

21 April 2018
Jury meeting, award show and presentation of the second EURO FASHION AWARD

Presentation and award

All nominated award collections will be presented at the EURO FASHION AWARD show on 21 April 2018 at the Kaufhaus Görlitz. Award nominees shall commit to preparing for and participating in the final award show. During this event, the winners of the second EURO FASHION AWARD will be selected and announced in front of the audience, experts, media representatives and the jury.

Press coverage and PR

The participants agree to public media coverage, including any publication of collection images by the organisers of the EURO FASHION AWARD.

They agree on providing all garments of the collection, images and documents within the competition for the award show and its preparation, as well as for any PR and necessary rights relevant to the competition, without time and spatial restrictions and without separate remuneration.

At the same time, winning participants agree to make their collections available for publications and further events up to one year after the award show in April 2018.

Participants have no legal entitlement to publication.

The copyright on image, audio and other recordings during the EURO FASHION AWARD lies with the organiser, Kaufhaus Görlitz.

The organiser of the competition is entitled to pass on the participants’ personal details obtained for the purpose of the competition, such as their name, CV and photos, to third parties, for example to magazine editorial offices, exhibition organisers or sponsors. If the participant does not wish their details to be passed on, they should inform the organiser in writing about which details they do not want to be disclosed when submitting their application.