AWARD 2016


The EURO FASHION AWARD is an international fashion competition for creative, trendsetting collections from Europe. The idea is to support young fashion designers and to reward outstanding creations. Fashion designers who have concluded a Master’s degree in fashion design or have several years of professional experience are invited to participate.

The EURO FASHION AWARD aims to draw attention to relevant developments in the fashion industry, which is an economical and cultural sector with an important and long tradition.

Fashion transforms identity into a cultural and economical concept. It stands for creativity, inspiration, and a positive attitude towards life. All this and much more makes the fashion industry a branch which is highly interesting both at national and international level. The EURO FASHION AWARD aims to be a platform for creative upcoming professionals in Europe and offers them the opportunity of competing against each other, showing their unique skills in the international fashion and textile industry.

The EURO FASHION AWARD will take place every two years. It took for the first time on 23rd April 2016 at the Kaufhaus Görlitz in the European city of Goerlitz/Zgorzelec, in the border triangle of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. The venerable Art Nouveau Goerlitz department store is the initiator and organiser of the EURO FASHION AWARD and continues the important part that Goerlitz has played in the past as a centre of the clothier, textile and fashion industry in the free state of Saxony.


There will be money prizes amounting to a total of 60,000 euros.

Prizes are allocated as follows:

30,000 €
Anastasia Lotikova
20,000 € 
Anna Bornhold
10,000 € 
Heike Becker & Benjamin - Kräher & Sebastian - Schettler

The winning collection will be an excellent collection for women, men or both, with an elaborate overall concept, corresponding to one of the areas Dress to wear, Avantgarde, Modern couture, Trash, Vintage, Experimental, or Sustainable. The nuanced composition of a collection with a unique, distinctive signature will be evaluated.

The evaluation is especially based on an authentic idea for a collection and its realisation, an interesting cut, high quality of materials used, innovative choice of materials, as well as sustainable approaches, excellent workmanship, a potential for commercial use and an outstanding complete work, combining the outfit with the accessories.

A minimum of eight and a maximum of ten complete outfits is to be presented.


Margareta van den Bosch

Margareta van den Bosch

Gudrun Allstädt
Gudrun Allstädt

Ann Merete Ohrt
Ann Merete Ohrt

Martina Glomb
Martina Glomb

Alexander Krenn
Alexander Krenn

Elena Strahova
Elena Strahova

Steen Halbro
Steen Halbro

Irina Sowitzki
Irina Sowitzki

Gerold Brenner
Gerold Brenner

Andrej Subarew 1966-2016
Andrej Subarew 1966-2016


The jury will be composed of a total of 11 persons from the international fashion and textile industry. They will be guests of the Kaufhaus Görlitz. The members of the jury nominate the eight to ten best collections out of the total of applications received in due form. Out of these, the first three will be selected to win the prizes. The jury meeting takes place in December 2015 in Berlin. The announcement of nominees for the final award show in April 2016 at the Kaufhaus Görlitz will take place within the framework of a nomination event during the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2016 in Berlin.

The following criteria will be taken as basis:

  • Authenticity and originality
  • Design conception and quality
  • Vision and contemporary spirit
  • Cut construction
  • Artistic and manual realisation
  • Potential for a commercial implementation
  • Stylistic total concept
  • Presentation which is in agreement with the collection

The jury reserves their right to accentuate or expand these criteria according to the current circumstances.  For the decision the jury members may involve independent experts. However, these have only an advisory function. The jury members decide by simple majority of votes.
The decision on the winners of the three prizes of the EURO FASHION AWARD will be taken after reviewing all nominated collections and checking of the application documents for the Award. The winners will be announced at the same location as the final Award show, in the Kaufhaus Görlitz, on Saturday, 23rd April 2016. The winner is selected by the jury. There is no legal entitlement to participation or money prizes, or non-cash benefits. The decision of the jury is final.


Terms and conditions for applicants  

The competition is open for fashion designers living and working in the EU, who hold a master’s degree of a renowned fashion or art school, or several years of professional experience. The overall quality should be determined by innovative, trendsetting and internationally relevant fashion design. Current collections will be evaluated.

The application needs to encompass the following:

  • Application form, completed
  • One A4 sheet exposé on the project - short description of the collection development, including images.
  • Detailed CV with portrait photo
  • Design concept with short explanations, drawings and photos
  • Presentation of materials and fabric suggestions
  • Digital versions of all submitted documents in sufficient image quality for PR purposes
  • Photos of former collections
  • Prepaid return envelope or return ticket (international) for return of the documents (Costs for return cannot be refunded)

The application materials for the EURO FASHION AWARD must be sent in completed and in due form by 30th November 2015 to the following address:

c/o Creative Media Group GmbH
Kurfürstendamm 28
D- 10719 Berlin
Phone  +49 (0) 30 / 88774382
Fax  +49 (0) 30 / 88774384

Participation in the EURO FASHION AWARD is free of charge. By sending in the application documents, the applicant accepts the terms and conditions of the EURO FASHION AWARD. The applicants bear the transport costs for the application materials and their insurance. The organiser does not assume any liability for the received application materials. After the decision of the jury, the applications will be kept for consultation purposes, until the end of the award show in April 2016, if necessary and only returned after this moment.

The participant ensures that he/she holds all the rights to the submitted documents, drafts, and the collection, and assumes liability vis-à-vis the Award’s organisers that the contribution and the collection does not infringe the rights of third parties. If applicable, the participant will exclude the Award’s organisers from any claims and possible costs which may result in third parties claiming for damages because of law infringements.

Terms and conditions for nominated designers

The nominated designers will be personally contacted after the jury’s decision and officially invited to the public rewarding of the nomination certificate in January 2016 at Berlin Fashion Week. The nominated designers will maintain silence about their nomination via-à-vis others until the official presentation of the organisers and also obligate their employees to maintain confidentiality. The nomination for the EURO FASHION AWARD obliges the designers to have the parts of their collections completed by 19th April 2016.

The candidates will provide one complete outfit from the award collection to the organisers for press photo shoots, publications, etc., free of charge, from 31st March 2016.
The nominees will also prepare a one minute-intro film by 31st March 2016, which introduces them as designers, during works and developing their collection concept. These films will be part of the award show.

Music, styling and shoe suggestions are to be submitted by 31st March 2016. These suggestions will not be included in the evaluation. There is no guarantee on the provision of shoes, the nominees themselves are responsible for this. In the interest of the complete dramaturgy of the award show, the organisers are not bound to realise the candidates’ suggestions. The decision on these suggestions will be taken by the Art Director of the EURO FASHION AWARD.

The award collections are to be completely submitted by 19th April 2016 to:

Kaufhaus Goerlitz
Produktionsbüro EURO FASHION AWARD
An der Frauenkirche 5-7
D- 02826 Goerlitz
Phone  +49 (0) 3581 / 7640545

The organisers of the EURO FASHION AWARD bear the expenses per nominated designer for two persons to participate, from 19th to 24th April, encompassing accomodation and half-board (drinks not included), as well as the travel costs (including return), after previous confirmation by the organisers.
The award collections are to be retrieved from the Kaufhaus Görlitz on the day after the show, the 24th April 2016, unless otherweise agreed.
The organisers of the EURO FASHION AWARD will ensure a professional presentation of the nominated collections and designers within the framework of the Award Show, and, if necessary, in the jury’s meeting. No charges will apply for this.


Timetable of the EURO FASHION AWARD:

  • 1st September 2015 – start of the application period of the competition
  • 30th November 2015 – closing date for applications by submission of the application documents including an informative presentation of the collection concept with photos, drawings, portfolio, amongst others (no completed collection parts!). 
  • December 2015 –  jury meeting and decision on the 8 to 10 nominations from all the applications submitted.
  • January 2016 –  public announcement of the nominees during the Berlin Fashion Week.
  • 31st March 2016 –  submission/receipt of a complete outfit by one nominee
  • 31st March 2016 –  submission/receipt of a one minute-intro film of the nominees.
  • 31st March 2016 –  submission of the music, styling, and shoe suggestions for the award show.
  • 19th April 2016 – completion and submission of the collection.
  • 22nd April 2016 – public dress rehearsal for the EURO FASHION AWARD
  • 23rd April 2016 – jury meeting, award show and prize award


All nominated award collections will be presented at the EURO FASHION AWARD show on 23rd April 2016 in the Kaufhaus Görlitz.
The candidates for the award commit to prepare and participate in the final Award show. Within the framework of this event, the winners of the EURO FASHION AWARD will be selected and announced in front of the audience, experts, representatives from the media, and the jury. 

Alongside the EURO FASHION AWARD, there will be an audience prize. The audience of the Award show will vote their favourite out of all the award collections. The collection which gains most votes will win the audience prize.


The participants agree on the public media coverage, including any publications of the collection by the organisers of the EURO FASHION AWARD.

They agree on providing all parts of the collection, images and documents within the competition for the Award Show and its preparation, as well as for any PR and necessary right relevant for the competition, without time and spatial restrictions and without further incurring costs.

At the same time, the participants agree to make themselves available with their collections in the case of winning, for publications and further events up to one year after the ending of the Award Show in April 2016.
There is no legal entitlement to publications.
The copyright on image, sound and other recordings within the framework of the EURO FASHION AWARD lies with the organiser, Kaufhaus Görlitz.

The organiser of the competition is allowed to pass personal data of the participants, such as name, CV, and photos, obtained within the framework of the competition, on to third parties, for example to magazine editorial offices, exhibition organisers, or sponsors. If the participant does not wish that his/her data is passed on, he/she will inform the organiser in writing, by the submission date of the application, which data is affected by this non-disclosure.